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  • FOLD IN oversized MIRRORS


If you’re at the wash you can speak with a Car Wash Supervisor and they can help with updating Services or Credit Card Information. You can also update your Credit Card Information in our Store here.

If you are canceling your service for any reason, please send us a message through our Contact Us page. We cannot accept verbal cancellations per the contract - this is for security purposes.

do i really need unlimited washes?

Your daily driver sees a long of road grime - grease, rubber, oil, nature - regular washing will help maintain your vehicles finish and protect it from more grime. We recommend washing your vehicle 2 to 3 times per month.

What is the big deal with Fusion Process?

The Fusion Guard process is a 6-step chemical application process that is the ultimate in car wash cleaning technology. Starting with a low-ph detergent to loosen grime, followed by a formula to seal out road grime. The later steps of the process and solutions to repel rain and finally wax your vehicle to a high shine. The final step is a rinse process loaded with a drying agent to help shed water from your vehicle.

How long does A car wash take?

Our self-serve pay stations and sales attendants make it easy to select and pay for your services. Adding an unlimited membership makes it an even faster process. Length of visit will vary with how busy the wash is or if you choose to use our free vacuums, but expect to be on the property anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. 

Why are there dried water spots on my car after a wash?

San Jose is notorious for having 'hard' water. Hard water has a high mineral content (as opposed to soft water). This causes a white ring in areas where get water drops - under side mirrors, around your trunk. We us water softening techniques to help deliver a better wash and we use drying techniques in our tunnel to remove as much of the excess water as possible in a timely fashion. A best practice by savvy car wash goers is to have a small towel on hand to catch any drops that linger after a wash.

Can someone else drive my vehicle through the tunnel?

Of course. We understand that the car wash tunnel, it's flying soap and light show are not for everyone. If you'd like us to drive your vehicle through the wash, just ask any team member for a supervisor's help.

Why is their still bug guts on my car?

It's a bummer when you have a really dirty car, get the best wash, and find bug guts all over the front. We hate it too. If not removed quickly after 'splat', bug guts will dry, harden and stick to a vehicles finish. Sometimes removal requires a special solvent. Our wash process does not use any kind of solvents that could potentially harm your vehicle or the environment. Regular washing will help eliminate those ugly bug guts.

What is that brown 'stuff' on my car after your wash?

Ewwww! Our Almaden Valley is home to an abundance of terrestrial bugs, bees being one of them. That brown 'waxy' stuff is actually bee poop. The bee droppings actually have wax in it which clings to your vehicle. Some may stay locked on to your car after the wash. 

are the unlimited plans really unlimited?

YES. We realize that our return customers are our best customers! And we want to pass on a comfortable, secure, no hassle way to maintain your vehicles exterior. Regular washing will remove and protect against unwanted road grime. Take advantage of the savings!


Our tunnel is designed to handle vehicles up to 7' 3" tall. 

Can I change my payment method?

Yes. If you would like to update the credit card on file to process your monthly Unlimited Plan Payment, you can change your card with this form.

Do you take oversized vehicles?

The car wash tunnel can handle tires up to 13.5" wide. We do not accept dually trucks.

What about lowered vehicles?

Sorry, we are a over/under conveyor style car wash and lowered vehicles are not allowed in our tunnel.

How do I cancel my unlimited plan?

We're sad to see you go but understand sometimes you might need to change things up. You can cancel your unlimited plan in Account Management here, or by going to our Contacts page here.

What's so great about an express wash?

I get it. Historically, an express exterior wash left you with a dusty dry skunk stripe down the middle of your vehicle and not so satisfied feeling. We're not your average express. We blend the latest innovation and advances in equipment and chemistry packaged with an automated purchase process to deliver a quality wash and an acceptable speed. Getting a great wash and staying in your vehicle can get you back out on the road or off to the next big event.